Say it ain’t so!

After much consideration, my primary caretaker here at Deetjens, Doris, has decided  (here I will spit a hairball) to put me, me, Fabio! on a diet.


Now, honestly, it’s true that in the prime of my life, I have developed a certain, um, gravitas. Sometimes I get teased about my “cleavage” and I do like to take life nice and slow. However, I’m still pretty nimble on roof-tops and fences, and always enjoy my strolls through Deetjens’ gardens.

In order to communicate my frustration at the reduction of kibble in my bowl, I have been on the hunt recently, and have received some praise for my efforts, which is gratifying.

We are enjoying the beginnings of a beautiful Spring here at the Inn, the flowers are returning and the wisteria is just about to bloom. So I suppose it can’t hurt to be a little more fit and trim. After all, swimsuit season is just around the corner!

Hope to see you at the Inn soon for a healthy, (low-calorie?) breakfast or dinner.

Hugs and furry kisses,


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3 Responses to Say it ain’t so!

  1. india says:

    dear Fabio,
    My humans reduced the food servings recently and I wondered whether they were getting enough to eat so I went hunting and brought home rabbits. I even offered to share them. But maybe they are starving me deliberately.
    [it’s tricky typing with paws on a borrowed mac…they will leave the things lying around]

  2. Kat Warren says:

    I’m missing you, Fabio. Hope you’ve not wasted away to nothing.

  3. Fabio, I would LOVE to stay at your Inn, and dine with you. I may even attempt to adopt you,… cute thing!!!

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