Fabio follows Basho

fabioendofsummerWELL, what a summer !

All I want to do now is roll

around in the sun.

As you may notice

my tummy is still quite large

no swimsuit for me!

My friends here worked hard

every morning and night too

caring for our guests.

I always found folks

resting in our simple rooms

this busy season.

My sacred mission:

to slow down, enjoy the sun,

in warm garden space.

I seem to succeed

communicating this well

with Inn visitors.

Folks on vacation

are a little more open

to being present.

Especially here

in the redwood forest as

they breathe in cool fog.

Much love,


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Wonderful Wisteria

Spring danced into the gardens at Deetjens this morning — thanks to the recent precipitation (possibly due to locals performing rain dances) willowy blooms of wistful wisteria suddenly grace the arbor above the restaurant patio, filling the air with the delicate scent of purple.

I relish this time of the year, when I can sit in my favorite chair and receive pets from arriving staff and guests. When they stop to give me a little touch (nice for an old bachelor like me) they take a moment, look up, admire the Wisteria and breathe in the sweet smell of Spring.

And while my mind turns to Spring, I do notice a surge in the loving behavior of the humans here at the Inn this time of year. There’s a lot more canoodling in the rooms I visit, and cuddling in the mornings over breakfast, too. Under the arbor, babies coo and fuss in mother’s laps, and older couples arrive to check in holding hands. Spring! I give it two paws up!


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Say it ain’t so!

After much consideration, my primary caretaker here at Deetjens, Doris, has decided  (here I will spit a hairball) to put me, me, Fabio! on a diet.


Now, honestly, it’s true that in the prime of my life, I have developed a certain, um, gravitas. Sometimes I get teased about my “cleavage” and I do like to take life nice and slow. However, I’m still pretty nimble on roof-tops and fences, and always enjoy my strolls through Deetjens’ gardens.

In order to communicate my frustration at the reduction of kibble in my bowl, I have been on the hunt recently, and have received some praise for my efforts, which is gratifying.

We are enjoying the beginnings of a beautiful Spring here at the Inn, the flowers are returning and the wisteria is just about to bloom. So I suppose it can’t hurt to be a little more fit and trim. After all, swimsuit season is just around the corner!

Hope to see you at the Inn soon for a healthy, (low-calorie?) breakfast or dinner.

Hugs and furry kisses,


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Guess the weight of the Deetjens Great Pumpkin!

Well, here you have it, the annual arrival of the Deetjens Giant Pumpkin from Borchard Farms in Salinas. Fall really begins when these pumpkins arrive at local businesses all over Monterey county.


The gentlemen from the pumpkin farm love this area, and enjoy upholding the Giant Pumpkin tradition.

If you guess the Pumpkin’s weight (in the comment form below) you’ll win breakfast for two at our Restaurant, and I promise to sit next to you beside the fire…



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Fabio’s Fun Facts

Yesterday I overheard some guests in the Restaurant worry that they might have been exposed to Sudden Oak Death (yikes!) while hiking in the forest at Pfeiffer State Park. They’d seen official signs warning them about spreading this blight by inadvertently removing tree debris from the park.

Thanks to our gracious Host we all learned (to our relief) that while people and animals can catch Poison Oak, only trees and plants can contract the ominously-named Sudden Oak Death. So on your trip to Big Sur this summer you can picnic under the oak trees without fear, just watch where you sit!

I often hear the phrase “Leaves of three, beware of me” around the Inn, and yes, we have Tecnu available if you are unlucky in the woods.

Myself, this time of year I prefer to just hop from car to car in the parking lot, ramble through the gardens beside the rooms, and nap on the outdoor chair cushions!

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Fabio joins the Circus

This morning everyone is happy in the Restaurant, laughing and eating delicious breakfast, some folks even drinking (gasp!) mimosas. I guess this is because the whole town of Big Sur went to the Circus last night, up the road at the Henry Miller Library.

I must say that  I’ve listened in to many ideas, plots and plans revolving around the 4th Annual Big Big Big Big Sur Fashion Show in the Restaurant these past several months. Seems that humans want to be wild creatures, too, expressing their inner selves as dolls, bears, thunderbolts, marionettes, jaguars and more, strutting and dancing under the bright lights of the Big Top.

At the Miller Library, that Big Top is a redwood canopy, looking down on the Dionysian creative pageant that the now famous Fashion Show presents for our little town. So many of these happy people came here this morning, and that always makes me feel good. I know that I’ve inspired a little of that wild behavior myself, with my contented cat demeanor, sleek moves and overall feline style.

I sure hope you can join us here for our next Fashion Show extravaganza! But come down soon anyway for a lovely breakfast, dinner or week-day stay this Spring. The Peace Roses are blooming!

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Cozy Winter Days at Deetjens

Ahh, Big Sur, a place to do nothing, a place to just be. Here I am doing just that, beside the fire in Grandpa’s room.

If this is your idea of a rocking good time, these are great days to be at Deetjens Inn, enjoying the fire while it storms outside, and you get to just, be, here.

Our restaurant sometimes offers live music from gifted local musicians on winter weekday evenings: Paige Too Trio plays smooth jazz and R&B on Wednesdays.  Nico Georis plays Deetjens’ venerable piano and Rick Chelew performs on bass. Other musical surprises are in store. Come enjoy a cozy winter evening with us!

And if a bit more activity inspires you, there are some wonderful happenings coming  up in Big Sur that will also delight you.

I’m very intrigued by the third Big Sur Chanterelle Festival and Cook-off, happening Saturday , February 26, at the Big Sur Lodge. Spend the day savoring these mysterious fungi, prepared by local chefs and served with regional wines. You can even track them down in the wild, guided by Big Sur’s dedicated fungiphiles.

The Festival is a benefit for beloved local photographer Rachael Short, injured in a tragic accident late last year. Visit her blog here.

Internationally renowned, the Henry Miller Library is just up the road from us here at Deetjens, and as usual there is a full calendar of music, film,  art and literary events planned for their season. You can also just sit by the stove and read a great book!

There’s Gray Whale watching at this time of year (assistance from the State Park staff is available on weekend mornings). For the adventurous, there’s a special ghost-hunting walking tour of the Big Sur Lighthouse later this month.

Or, you’re most welcome to join me in stretching out beside the fire and listening to the rain!

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