Wonderful Wisteria

Spring danced into the gardens at Deetjens this morning — thanks to the recent precipitation (possibly due to locals performing rain dances) willowy blooms of wistful wisteria suddenly grace the arbor above the restaurant patio, filling the air with the delicate scent of purple.

I relish this time of the year, when I can sit in my favorite chair and receive pets from arriving staff and guests. When they stop to give me a little touch (nice for an old bachelor like me) they take a moment, look up, admire the Wisteria and breathe in the sweet smell of Spring.

And while my mind turns to Spring, I do notice a surge in the loving behavior of the humans here at the Inn this time of year. There’s a lot more canoodling in the rooms I visit, and cuddling in the mornings over breakfast, too. Under the arbor, babies coo and fuss in mother’s laps, and older couples arrive to check in holding hands. Spring! I give it two paws up!


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1 Response to Wonderful Wisteria

  1. LynneAnne Forest says:

    I hope sometime to visit you, Fabio, in your beautiful spring at your paradise home amidst the trees? I will save my pennies so I can come next year.

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