Fabio’s Fun Facts

Yesterday I overheard some guests in the Restaurant worry that they might have been exposed to Sudden Oak Death (yikes!) while hiking in the forest at Pfeiffer State Park. They’d seen official signs warning them about spreading this blight by inadvertently removing tree debris from the park.

Thanks to our gracious Host we all learned (to our relief) that while people and animals can catch Poison Oak, only trees and plants can contract the ominously-named Sudden Oak Death. So on your trip to Big Sur this summer you can picnic under the oak trees without fear, just watch where you sit!

I often hear the phrase “Leaves of three, beware of me” around the Inn, and yes, we have Tecnu available if you are unlucky in the woods.

Myself, this time of year I prefer to just hop from car to car in the parking lot, ramble through the gardens beside the rooms, and nap on the outdoor chair cushions!

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3 Responses to Fabio’s Fun Facts

  1. marczee says:

    It’s great to know that your guests are not victims of a Sudden Oak Death plight, the name sure is scary. Poison Oak, on the other hand, can be had by people and is scary in it’s own right. After my girlfriend and I hiked by a river a few years ago, she found out what it looked like the hard way; weeks of itchiness and annoyance later, she now has the eye for it and we happily avoid it at all costs. My name is Marc, and aside from my love of hiking and avoiding poisonous leaves, I also work for Bescover — where we love all things B&B! It’s truly a privilege being a part of your online community. Thanks for the good read.

  2. Tom & Marlene Campbell says:

    Good thing I read the TOP ANTIQUE journal the first night of my wife and I’s stay (29-31 July 2013) and was expecting your visit! I knew what to do when, just like clockwork, you scratched on our door and made a midnight meow. Thanks Fabio for allowing us sleep on your bed with you until around 4 am, when you meowed once more and we let you out to mysterously disappear in the misty fogs of Castro Canyon!

  3. So looking forward to meeting you and sharing a room with you–!! Will bring you some catnip from Florida in October!!

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