About Me

My name is Fabio. I am a cat with very, very good karma! I enjoy warming myself next to the fire, usually on a soft cushion at table 13, meandering around the Inn, napping in the garden, and hanging out with our guests. I do everything a good Inn cat should do, including blogging for you about what’s happening at Deetjens and in our wild and lovely Big Sur community.


15 Responses to About Me

  1. Andypandy says:

    Fabio, you are a very beautiful boy! I am really looking forward to your stories of all the happenings and goings on at the wonderful Deetjens..for those of us who have yet to visit it will be a wonderful way of bringing it all to life!. .x.

  2. Jeff Klamer says:

    Hey Fabio-what do you do for food on the days when Doris is not there?

    • fabiosblog says:

      I mope! And spend the day in the office, as underfoot as possible, hoping that the other nice people there will feed me, which usually happens. Sometimes though, I hear evil words like “diet” and “doorstop” which I elegantly ignore, of course.

  3. Hunter and Lynn Jamison says:

    Fabio, I have a wonderful photo of you getting ready for breakfast outside of Castro Cabin. Let me know where I can email it to you. tomatoehead@roadrunner.com

  4. rachelkeough says:

    Hi Fabio! What a lucky cat getting to stay at Deetjen’s! I just wrote a blog post about a rose I painted in your garden. Check it out! I hope you like it: http://rachelkeough.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/deetjens-rose/

  5. Sheila Brown says:

    Hi Fabio!

    Lucky you to enjoy Deetjen’s all year round… We miss you 🙂

    Hope to see you soon.

    Sheila and Jay Brown

  6. Meow Doris! I miss you and I’m hungry and my fur is CATawumpus from needing you — are you coming home soon? ?

  7. Patti West says:

    Fabio, thanks so much for calling Bambi to come hang out with us by the bench on the trail, it was Sur-real!!! Hope we can sleep together next time I stay at Deetjen’s XOXO

  8. Hollie Williams says:

    When I was last there I was 25 years old. I’m now 62. I don’t think I knew you, but I would love to. Sounds like some things have changed not too much though. The day we checked out, a man came in to buy a newspaper. The gentleman behind the desk told him, ” We don’t sell those here. people aren’t even allowed to have them” Thank the Deetjens for a wonderful memory, Hollie Williams

  9. Hey Fabio, how are you doing these days? You are so adorable and charming! ❤ I am looking forward to visiting soon. skol~ Marcia

  10. Candace Tesler says:

    Hi Fabio – So enjoyed meeting you last week during our stay at Deetjens. It was quite an honor that you sat with us during breakfast on our last day. We must have been at Table 13 because I understand that is your favorite table near the fireplace in the dining room. Looking forward to coming back one day. Hope you will be there to greet us. – Candace Tesler

  11. gail s. says:

    Once, when you were just a kitten, there was a (s-h-h-h) secret wedding by the creek, under the redwoods. And you were there, having tiptoed in just in time for the “I do’s,” and taking your place at the feet of the bride, in a brief circle of sunlight, on an otherwise overcast morning. Your presence was magic. And years before that, the groom, his mother (ahem), and sister brought home a tiny black kitten that wandered up the back stairs one night, and decided to stay with us in Van Gogh for three days, on our first visit to Deetjen’s. With chef’s permission, we were allowed to take her home with us — our very first cat. In the car, we named her Big Sur. She lived a long and happy life, and is remembered dearly. I will be back soon. 🙂

  12. Lynn Duvall says:

    Fabio – I’m sure you’ve heard this before but you can never hear these kinds of things too often: You, purr-sir, are sooo much more handsome than the human Fabio. If he ever saw you, he would be awestruck and maybe even a little humbled. — prrrrfff, Lynn

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