Fabio joins the Circus

This morning everyone is happy in the Restaurant, laughing and eating delicious breakfast, some folks even drinking (gasp!) mimosas. I guess this is because the whole town of Big Sur went to the Circus last night, up the road at the Henry Miller Library.

I must say that  I’ve listened in to many ideas, plots and plans revolving around the 4th Annual Big Big Big Big Sur Fashion Show in the Restaurant these past several months. Seems that humans want to be wild creatures, too, expressing their inner selves as dolls, bears, thunderbolts, marionettes, jaguars and more, strutting and dancing under the bright lights of the Big Top.

At the Miller Library, that Big Top is a redwood canopy, looking down on the Dionysian creative pageant that the now famous Fashion Show presents for our little town. So many of these happy people came here this morning, and that always makes me feel good. I know that I’ve inspired a little of that wild behavior myself, with my contented cat demeanor, sleek moves and overall feline style.

I sure hope you can join us here for our next Fashion Show extravaganza! But come down soon anyway for a lovely breakfast, dinner or week-day stay this Spring. The Peace Roses are blooming!

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3 Responses to Fabio joins the Circus

  1. Charmaine (Middled Aged Dater) says:

    Hi Fabio,
    Any chance you could cajole your “owners” to post a pic of each room with it’s description on your webpage?

    • fabiosblog says:

      Dear Charmaine,
      We want you to experience what I do when I wander into our rooms: a rush of comfort and an old-fashioned pleasant surprise!

  2. marczee says:

    Fabio, your blog rocks. The Big Big Big Big Sur Fashion Show looks like a great event; it’s surprising you wouldn’t have dropped by, seems like just the place for a cool cat to see and be seen. Maybe next year.

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