Fabio Welcomes You to Deetjens Big Sur Inn

Well, it’s about time that I’m getting some attention here for my role at Deetjens Big Sur Inn. Almost a year ago my long-time companions Bettie Sue and Doris decided I needed a little limelight, seeing as how I’m so popular with our guests.

Someone wrote recently that  “Fabio graced us with his presence, curling up beside our cozy fire. Every year I look for him when we stay here. How funny it is to envy a cat for his lifestyle!”

Well folks, I am, as they say, a very lucky cat. When I’m not patrolling the grounds, making sure everything is in order, I like to nap upstairs in the office, or pad about the dining room, looking for friendly humans to admire my regal self.

While I may seem like a quite self-absorbed feline guy (which I admit I am) the magic of Big Sur flows in my veins too. In the spirit of community, I would like to give back to you,  our guests, by sharing my cat’s eye view of the goings on here. One evening this past week, a guitarist and a tabla player filled the restaurant with lovely music, which everyone enjoyed.

In this blog we invite you to share those only-at-Deetjens stories and we’ll share a few of our own. We’ll also bring you news of music, wine, food, plus updates on our gardens and rooms. This is a place to remember all the timeless creature comforts that make Deetjens Inn one of the world’s most magical places!

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5 Responses to Fabio Welcomes You to Deetjens Big Sur Inn

  1. Toby says:

    And what a special cat you are Fabio! Regal, sometimes aloof, but never skittish and never raising a claw to anyone, you are the perfect, and most appropriate cat one could possibly imagine. You embody some of Grandpa Deetjen’s placidity!

  2. Ellen Lesnick says:

    Oh Fabio….our stay at your beloved Deetjens left us speechless. My husband and I felt so relaxed and felt such peace. The sound of the stream behind our room at night and the crackle of the fire…..unbelievable.We will return next year. Thank you….

  3. Gisenyi says:

    We need more pictures of Fabio!

  4. Andrew Haag says:

    Went to Deetjens for dinner tonight and ran into Fabio as I was leaving. We had a great time together. Fabio, you really are a cool cat. A true coastal mountain cat as you can handle a firm pet….I appreciate that in a cat! Oh yeah – the bacon wrapped pork loin and service were great too…

  5. Bart S. says:

    My wife & I have been driving from Tracy, CA to Deetjen’s BSI for close to 20 years, maybe 30. (Lost count.) Can’t afford to stay there but we get up early (5AM) & drive 3.5 hours just for breakfast. I’m now in my 60’s and the drive has become difficult for me to make. Typically we first eat at Deetjen’s, then down to Julia Pfieffer’s park to stroll around, then to Monterey (around noon). Around 3pm we eat dinner on the Monterey wharf and then head home. Exhausting and rejuvenating day–all at the same time.

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